Our Quality Standards

When you buy from Gsm Club, you know exactly what to expect, no matter what stock you order. Every unit undergoes a very strict grading and quality control process following PhoneCheck, the industry standard 60-Point inspection method.
Each unit is ready to ship after it’s been sanitized, data-wiped, paired with an IMEI barcode sticker and bagged individually.


We know that mistakes happen, and returns are a very important part of every business. Our units come with a 30-day  warranty, if stated on invoice. 



Please fill out the form and spreadsheet entirely to ensure your request is processed correctly and quickly.
Return shipping cost is the buyer’s responsibility. We strive to make the RMA process simple and fast. If you have any additional questions you can contact RMA directly through email at: info@gsmclub.com.


GSM CLUB is a leading distributor of mobile devices. Our founders have over 20 years experience in the wireless industry. We are a distribution company that caters to distributors in the national and international market.
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